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This page was created for those who want to share NOOK Asia’s online materials with their colleagues, customers and friends in the furniture and furnishing industries or to simply inform about NOOK Asia using their web sites and e-mails.

If you would like to request custom banners and web images with specific format and dimensions, kindly feel free to inform our Marketing Communications Team by e-mailing


NOOK Asia Logos

These logos may be used by the press & exhibitors to identify NOOK Asia, and are to be used in accordance to our logo guidelines.

Please click on the image to view & download or click here to download all the logos.

Full Colour

Nook Logo in png-01

Nook Logo in png-03

Nook Logo in png-02


Nook Logo in png-04

Nook Logo in png-05

Nook Logo in png-06




Please click on the image to view & download to learn more about the opportunities, pricing & rewards of participating in NOOK Asia and International Furniture Fair Singapore.

NOOK Asia 2017 Marketing Brochure



IFFS 2018 Marketing Brochure


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